This will be my wall of deep thought. Let’s get started:

In order to sleep, first you have to relinquish all control. Then you have to suspend all disbelief. When you suspend all disbelief you gain the power to listen, observe and love without bias.

Isn’t it amazing that we manage to do that every night? In dream we open our consciousness to a stream of infinite self-trust and creativity/ideas.

Then we wake up and remember ourselves. We say, I am not ready to be creative, I haven’t earned that right. I must be methodical so that someday I am great enough to create.

But, we already have mastered the methodical art, our bodies would die without it… Methodical nature comes from standing back far enough to see natural patterns, not from enforced un-willfill repetition. If you can’t see your method, you are looking too close.

And so for me the question remaining is: what will I create today?

-Shaun Oster