Welcome to my coffee roasting menu. Please choose from the following entries to have the beans hand/pan roasted right in front of you:

Bolivia Organic Buenavista #1738 – $25

Toasted Almond teams with a chocolate syrup flavor while the cups is warm. As it cools a Bartlett pear-like flavor and acidity resides in the profile of the City roast while the darker roast tends more towards darker cherry and bittersweet cacao flavors in the City+ profile. Buenavista is a viscous coffee with hefty mouth feel that finishes long with lingering notes of semi-sweet cacao. City+ to Full City.


Peru Organic Puno -Lot #33 – $25

This is a perfectly clean, succulently sweet coffee with great balance. The acidity is subtle; elegant. Its like the perfectly stiched seam that binds a fine garment together. Puno Lot #33 is a refreshing coffee. The acidity is more malic in nature like a red apple. I cant stress enough how clean the flavor is. City is ideal.


Java Sunda Mayang – $26

The cup has a fruit jam quality, peach preserves, a strong and pervasive sweetness, with a juicy mouthfeel in the finish. There is a savory/umami quality in the cup that pairs well with the body, and some fruit tea tannins in the light roast finish. Darker roasts have a lot more cocoa roast tones to the cup, with latent peach-apricot flavors and a suggestion of blackberry as the cup cools. City+ to Full City+.

Ethiopia Dry Process Saris Abaya -$27

Bold, potent cup, with peach tea, strawberry, tropical fruit juice, Brazil nut and cocoa nibs. Darker roasts have semi-sweet chocolate roast tones and creamy mouthfeel. Layered results across roast spectrum, including Neapolitan ice cream and German chocolate cake. City+ to Full City+.

Ethiopia Wakito-Sekala SWP Decaf – $28

It is hard to tell that this is a decaf. Lighter roasts show stone fruit nectar and canned peaches – a syrupy sweetness. Full City+ roasts offer malted chocolate, dark fruit and almond milk. Silky mouthfeel with cocoa powder and toasted almond in the finish. Great single origin (SO) decaf espresso, with dark chocolate notes. City+ to Full City+.