Wow, here it is, my first book! The accumulation of my studies and passion in cooking, drumming, voice, composing, programming and now video editing/filming. I love those moments when you realize every bad choice you ever though you made was yet another perfect building block to going where we are supposed to go. Life is beautiful!!!

So, if you liked my ideas, let me know! Support me. Tell your friends. Buy my book for your friends. And, in return, I will make lots more. I have so much to share. I can guide you through my experiences in baking, candy making, fine dining, and home cooking. Likewise, I have been studying and inventing in the field of aquaponics – some do it yourself books in the making!

Thank you so so so so so so so much for buying my book. I’ve never had something like this completed and I am humbled that you chose to pay for it.