Kris, Saraphina, and Shaun OsterThis is a self-composed bio, (let’s call it an auto-BIO), so I’m not going to “toot my own horn.”

Let me just sum it up:
My parents are excellent Chefs. Somehow I ended up designing printed circuit boards for SMDS and Frame relay modems right out of high school. I made a website within the first month of the web’s birth.

Inspired by Jazz and my drumming ambition, I attended Calarts studying jazz drumset. There, I was cooking to lure girls into my dorm room and began to notice that I had a knack. People would really react and be happy after eating my food. One day a good friend’s mom (also a good friend!) offered me a chance to cook for Cher. I took it, and naively/bravely charged into an audition with too many ideas and ambitions to contain.

Never landed the permanent gig, but I did get her recommendation along with that of my other friend held some serious clout in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, I had taught myself Flash and other forms of web development, and was hustling a design job in Santa Monica. Funny how sometimes a short period of time can seem to last forever – I made many permanent friends at that job.

Anyway, I returned to private cheffing and managed to cook on some director’s trailors, and for some very colorful (famous) people. The great thing about this was it allowed my ego to step aside and trust in my intuitive understanding of food, flavor, smell, and balance. Close your eyes and smell the air. Then go look at the available ingredients. THEN decide what to cook.

Eventually, I became fed-up with the lack of freedom involved with being a private chef; I was not playing jazz or writing music, which I am very fond of. So, I turned my focus onto live performance and web-development. Along the way I bumped into the love of my life (Kris) and together we created the true meaning of my life – (my daughter Saraphina.)

Now I spend my days working on websites (, studying vocals for an album I have been composing, cooking for my family, and planning new books. I roast green coffee from small farms every 3 days, and pull a latte that shouldn’t be missed. I have been inventing a series of urban Aquaponic devices. And I play jazz live every week!

Life is good.